About Us

What is Thermal Vision?

Thermal Vision is the premier athletic apparel, and the only athletic apparel in the world that uses our patented Thermal-Vision technology. Thermal-Vision allows our shirts to monitor the athlete's exertion levels and to change color in the exact location at which the athlete is exerting themselves the most. The vascularity and blood flow can literally be illustrated as you see your vein pattern in the shirt. Watch your shirt shift colors as you approach and reach your maxium levels of exertion, and then return back to it's original color as your body cools down. 


What Makes Thermal Vision Light Years Ahead of the Competition? 

Thermal Vision is the only athletic apparel in the world that is able to monitor your levels of exertion during a workout in real-time, without the use of batteries or a digital device. The Radiate shirt can literally change colors in the areas of the body that you are working the most and is so precise that it can show your vein pattern through the shirt as your muscles begin to heat up during intense training.

Why you need this?

Your body is amazing. As you work out in the gym or compete in your favorite sport, your body does incredible things to reach its maximum performance--veins expand, metabolism increases, muscles swell, and your body radiates warmth. You are an extraordinary machine. But all of this helpful information goes lost because we can only see what is happening on the outside of your body--until now. The Radiate shirt finally allows us to see calories as they burn, muscles as they reach their maximum output, vascular activation, and body temperature as it increases in key areas of your body.

Why wait and see if you will be sore the next day? You can now see the muscles you are targeting, the ones you may be neglecting, and their specific intensity level.

Why blindly work out?  You can now see your body's immediate response to your workout while you train, rather than guessing or hoping for results over time.

Any shirt you have ever worn to the gym has failed to offer you an interactive experience specific to your unique biochemistry. Until now.