When will my order ship? 

​We are currently working on completing new terms with our fulfillment center and all shipments are being halted until the new terms are solidified. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we should be resuming shipments in the next couple weeks.  

Are your shirts machine washable? 

Our Radiate 1.0 shirts are "Hand Wash/ Hang Dry" only, to preserve the longevity of our space-aged apparel. We recommend light detergent and delicate handling during the cleaning process.

What if I placed an order but need to change my shipping address? 


We have already begun shipping orders, so we are unable to change shipping addresses for all KickStarter Orders. 

Can I become a distributor or place a bulk orders?

​Yes, we are always looking for new distributors. Please send your inquiries to, and we will assist you.

Can I place an order for custom shirts?

Absolutely! Please send your inquiries to, and we will print your custom design on our apparel.

How can I contact Thermal Vision about a PR or marketing opportunity?

Please send your inquiries to, and we will assist you.

When do the new Radiate 2.0 (Thermal Vision) Shirt Ship?

The new Thermal Vision shirts will start production in July 2015. We will send an order survey out for to get your size, colorway, and address soon. We will email this survey to the same email address that you used during KickStarter and/or your Website Pre-Order. All Radiate 2.0 (Thermal Vision) Apparel will ship this Late November / Early December 2015. 

Radiate 1.0 vs Thermal Vision?

All of our Radiate shirts incorporate our patent pending "Thermal Vision" technology, which allows our our apparel to change color based on the wearer's thermal output during training and will change colors in the muscle groups that are reaching optimal levels of exertion. 

The difference with our Radiate 2.0 shirts, is that they are machine washable, and some colorways will be darker and more vibrant. 

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